How to Get Your Art Noticed

I'm a fashion photographer.  This is my art.  Copyright 2013 Bryanne Elaine Mitchell

I’m a fashion photographer. This is my art. Copyright 2013 Bryanne Elaine Mitchell

Don’t get me wrong–I don’t mean to down-play your talent, but at RFLX 5280, we believe that everyone’s an artist.  Every single person on this Earth has the God-given gift of creativity.  Some people are visionary painters, some people have  a knack for sculpture, and some people are collage artists.  The difference between each of us is the level of commitment we dedicate to that gift of creativity.

So, you’ve decided to commit yourself to your creativity.  You make art whenever you have the chance and you think you’ve really “got the goods”.  You have something to say.  Your art is important to you and, besides your family and friends, you want the world to see it.  Where do you even start???

How do you get your art noticed?

1. Introduce Yourself

Fortunately, the art world is small here in Denver, as compared to the more famous art districts of New York and California, so breaking-in is a lot easier than you might think. The best way to introduce your art to the community is to dive right in!  Attend as many art events as your wallet can handle and talk to other attendees.  You’ll meet other Denver artists, collectors, dealers, bloggers, and gallery owners who are just as interested in discovering new artists as you are interested in showing your work!

2. Immerse yourself

Once you’ve established a few relationships in your art network, get involved! Volunteer to work at local art events. RiNo Artists and the Santa Fe art district are great resources. Comment on local art blogs–or start one yourself!  By lending yourself to the community, you’re establishing your presence and reputation.  Always remember that you’re one small part of the “big picture”.  Your hard work and reputation will be the foundation for a greater opportunity.  Don’t mess it up for yourself by getting all “divalicious” about your talent.  If you’re working as a greeter for another local artist’s exhibition, that’s not really the appropriate time to badger your favorite Denver art gallery owner about sponsoring your latest installation.

3. Have patience

Of course, when it is appropriate (like the day after you’ve exchanged business cards with a local collector– you don’t want to beat your vision into their head),  give key players a link to your website, briefly (emphasis on briefly) describe your technique and themes, make sure they know how to contact you, and then be patient.  It might take a little bit of restraint to avoid giving them your entire art philosophy but your patience will read as respect for the other person’s time and consideration.  Let them decide if they understand or like your work for themselves before you press them any further.

4. Work Well With Others

This doesn’t mean that you should just pass out a stack of super-sweet business cards and wait by the phone.  If your goal is to get your work seen at a Denver art show, you’ve gotta take some sort of action.  Do some research and find out how to enter local group shows.  Group shows are great platforms for exposure because they help you get your name recognized.  On the flipped side, it’s a lot more difficult to promote your personal ideas within the confines of a group theme (I said more difficult–not impossible), but it’s a great stepping stone toward getting your first solo exhibition.

5. Use Your Imagination

What’s even more awesome about breaking into the local arts scene is the fact that you don’t have to solely rely on traditional gallery establishments to get your art seen.  When you’ve stabilized a decent reputation, organize your own show at an unexpected spot! You never know…if you’re able to get the community’s key players to attend, this could very well be your big break!

If you’re interested in showing your art with RFLX 5280, join our network! We’re dedicated to promoting young Denver artists  in order to bring the city forward as the fashion & arts capitol of the Midwest!

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StyleGuide: Style Archetype #2

Style Archetype #2:

Style Archetype #2

This look is wild, flashy, and tastefully rebellious.  Style icons, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Kate Moss, and Chrissie Hynde teach us the wiles of rock and roll and how to balance a super tough attitude with a feminine look.   Rock Goddess closets are full of  leather, metallic basics, and military casual pieces.

Summertime Sadness

Summertime Sadness

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

After Target’s last great collaboration with Prabal Gurung, I have been waiting on bated breath to hear which of my favorite designers would jump on the Target train next. The answer almost made me pee my pants…

3.1 Phillip Lim is coming to Target September 15th!

I am beyond excited! Phillip Lim is one of my all-time favorite American designers. His dressy-but-casual designs are known for looking very put together and pretty–but no matter how elegant they can be, there’s always a cool, street undertone. I can’t wait to get my hands on the entire line! Check out his Fall RTW 2013 line below!






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StyleGuide: Shopping Your Style – Style Archetype #1


In Developing Your Personal Style, I showed you how to practically draw inspiration from your favorite style icons, photos, and, of course, your personality. Now, it’s time to revamp your closet! Like I said in a previous post, starting all over with a spanking new wardrobe isn’t an option for everyone. So how do you transform your closet without blowing a hole in your bank account?

The key is simply:


Casually browsing through stores in the mall can be fun, but if you’re not on a mission to buy style-specific items, it’s easy to get lost in your retail high. Shopping with purpose gives you focus. No, I don’t suggest that you drag your personal style collage with you every time you spend a few dollars on clothes, but if you understand the 10 style archetypes, your sartorial missions will definitely become more deliberate.

Style Archetype #1:

American Classic
This look is equal parts clean-cut-Ivy-League, ladylike casual, and powerful understatement.  Look to icons, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, and Lauren Hutton for inspiration.   If nothing else, the American Classic girl owns a crisp white button down shirt, a neutral colored blazer, and straight leg jeans.  These pieces SCREAM upper-crust U.S. of A.