Hi! I’m Bryanne Mitchell, the Director and Editor-in-Chief of RFLX 5280. Thank you so much for visiting us!

We started RFLX5280.com back in October 2012 as a simple Denver style blog. We had no idea where the journey would lead and certainly did not expect to enjoy the ride as much as we have . Since then, we’ve been tirelessly planning and preparing to realize our NEW vision for RFLX 5280.

At RFLX 5280, we understand that everyday fashion enthusiasts are the driving force of a fashion community. We also understand that in order to foster the fashion community, we’ll need to equally stimulate the music and arts communities in the area. Music and art have a huge impact in style trends–we want to emphasize this connection.

The new RFLX 5280 is a community of creative professionals, artists, local businesses, and fans. We work to bring like-minded people and organizations together to build professional relationships and a solid resource pool for the arts.

Our goal is to help bring Denver forward as the fashion and arts capital of the Midwest.  We strive to provide a fresh take on the style and arts community of Metro Denver. Our success lies in building a network of talented, intelligent, and stylish individuals, like you, who are willing to devote the time and effort that is necessary to make a difference. This city needs to build up the fashion community and it starts with you. Join the network. Become a member of RFLX 5280 today!

Love, Peace, and Fashion
RFLX 5280



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