StyleGuide: Shopping Your Style – Style Archetype #1


In Developing Your Personal Style, I showed you how to practically draw inspiration from your favorite style icons, photos, and, of course, your personality. Now, it’s time to revamp your closet! Like I said in a previous post, starting all over with a spanking new wardrobe isn’t an option for everyone. So how do you transform your closet without blowing a hole in your bank account?

The key is simply:


Casually browsing through stores in the mall can be fun, but if you’re not on a mission to buy style-specific items, it’s easy to get lost in your retail high. Shopping with purpose gives you focus. No, I don’t suggest that you drag your personal style collage with you every time you spend a few dollars on clothes, but if you understand the 10 style archetypes, your sartorial missions will definitely become more deliberate.

Style Archetype #1:

American Classic
This look is equal parts clean-cut-Ivy-League, ladylike casual, and powerful understatement.  Look to icons, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, and Lauren Hutton for inspiration.   If nothing else, the American Classic girl owns a crisp white button down shirt, a neutral colored blazer, and straight leg jeans.  These pieces SCREAM upper-crust U.S. of A.

Once Upon a Time...

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