StyleGuide: Developing Your Personal Style – PART 3

WE4 So you’ve decided on your look and now you need a whole new wardrobe…WRONG! A $5,000 shopping spree is a luxury most of us DON’T have and replacing an entire wardrobe can get pretty expensive.

The key to making your current wardrobe work for you is CREATIVITY. You have the clothes you already own because you liked them enough to purchase them. Don’t waste your money by getting rid of all those lovable items, just because you want a brand new look. A thorough wardrobe edit and reimagination can make such a difference in the way you see your clothes. Of course there’ll be a few items you’ll want to toss and few you’ll want to keep even if you never wear them, but the 3rd step to developing your personal style is to PARE & PURGE your closet of everything that doesn’t fit your style description.

How to Edit Your Closet

1. Clear a space that’s big enough for you to be able to see all of your clothes at once. A few rolling racks are uber helpful for wardrobe audits. (READ: But laundry baskets are just as effective…)

2.Have your style collage that we created in PART 2 nearby, so that it’ll be easy to see.

3. Separate your racks (or your baskets) into 3 groups and look at EVERY piece of clothing you own (even your lingerie and other furnishings).

Does it fit you correctly? Does it identify with any of your collage looks? Will it easily work with other items in your closet? If you answered “Yes” to ALL of these questions, place the item on your rack labeled PERFECT. It’s a piece that will work perfectly in your new wardrobe.

If it doesn’t fit, is damaged in a way that makes it unwearable, doesn’t identify with anything in your collage, and you have nothing else in your closet that will go with it, put it in your PURGE pile.

Does the item fit you well? Is it a strong basic item that can be reworked into many different looks? Is there a different way to wear it that works with your new look? If you answered “Yes” to any 2 of these questions, put the item in your REHABILITATEpile. Everything in your purge pile needs to go.

Emotional ties to clothing can be really hard to break but you’ll feel so much better after releasing them, I promise. Donate them to charity, trash them, or trade them in for cash at H&M, Plato’s Closet, or Buffalo Exchange. You’ll have fewer items clouding your style vision.


If you’re worried that you won’t have enough to wear, here’s a comprehensive list of wardrobe essentials. Use your mood board as inspiration for specific, unique additions to your basics:

1. Solid Colored Tanks
2. 2 Short-Sleeved T-Shirts
3. 2 Long-Sleeved T-Shirts
4. Crewneck Sweater
5. Cardigan
6. 4 Blouses
7. Little Black Dress
8. 3 Skirts
9. Jeans
10. Slacks
WE211. Khaki Pants
12. Colored Skinny pants
13. Denim Jacket
14. 2 Pairs of Ballet Flats
15. Black Heels
16. Printed Dress
17. Solid Color Dress (Not Black)
18. Flat sandals
19. A Pair of Great Boots

Of course, I’ve only listed the absolute basics, but they’re the bare bones of a focused and versatile closet. In Part 4, we’ll expand on your wardrobe skeleton and learn how to rebuild it while still protecting your purse!



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