New Style RFLX Series: StyleGuide

It’s hard enough trying to convince Denver residents – let alone the rest of the country – that Denver is a uniquely fashionable city. We’ve got the Rocky Mountains, the cowboy plains, and an impressive underground music scene, but no one really believes in our potential to become a great cardinal fashion city. When most people think of style in Denver, they think “knits, earth tones, and snow boots”, which isn’t necessarily unfashionable, it’s just a very narrow-minded way to categorize our city’s subculture.

thesartorialist.comYes, I know, we’re in Denver, where we favor function over aesthetic and the “cool” thing to do is get our favorite workout shoes covered in red dirt on a seriously awesome hike in Castlewood Canyon. Yes, we are oatmeal and granola, but that will never take away from the fantastic level of artistic self-expression in this community. Take a walk down any street between Colorado Blvd and Kalamath; you’ll encounter several of the style species.

It has only recently occurred to me that not everyone knows where they fit in the style world. Not everyone knows how to articulate their personal ambience with their clothing. For fashion addicts, this skill is self-taught. For the rest the world, style expression can seem as confusing as a conversation with an engineer about nuclear reactor physics. Pretty much pointless, right? So where do you fit in the world of style and fashion? How do you define your look? Where should you shop in Denver? Don’t miss the new StyleGuide series! Starting on April 1, 2013, RFLX 5280 will answer these questions and more, every Monday and Thursday. We’ll show you how to look like the person you feel like, with the clothes you already have PLUS offer shopping tips on how to incorporate iconic looks into your wardrobe. Feel free to comment on these posts with questions about your style or suggestions on what styles we cover. Be sure to subscribe!


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