Moving Forward


RFLX 5280 Editor, Bryanne M

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know how fascinated we are with that euphoric feeling associated with the state of being inspired. You know, that moment when the light bulb goes off and you suddenly feel compelled to become a part of something. Your heart skips a beat and your mind starts reeling around all the exciting possibilities. Yeah, we love that feeling.

When I was a teenager and life threw inspiration my way, I’d get ridiculously enveloped in the grand idea of my goals and then let my brain get in the way.  I’d start thinking about how “this” isn’t very practical for my lifestyle or how “that” is too much work.  For years, I put off my goals and tried to just sit back and enjoy being inspired by life.  That totally worked for me in the begining…
  I’d  laze about before work, chill on the couch after work, and, on occasion, went out to party with friends.  I’d wake up the next day  completely sure that I was content exactly where I was. It was easy to be complacent and comfortable.

After 4 months of hard work and a tiny bit of fun, RFLX 5280 is ready to move forward. We don’t want to become complacent in our current state. We’ve been inspired to expand our reach into the Denver fashion, music, and art scenes. We’re working hard to bring you original, creative, and inspiring content in 2013. Look forward to RFLX 5280 hosted events and more opportunities for, you, our readers, to interact with us and each other.  We hope to play a huge role in helping Denver to express itself in style and art.

So…we encourage you to engage. Tell your friends about us. Like us on Facebook. Click on the “Show us Your Style!” link on the menu bar. Tell us about your style by filling out the style questionnaire and emailing us a picture of you in your favorite outfit. Update us as your style evolves! Each time you enter a profile, you’ll automatically be entered into the monthly Style RFLX contests for all kinds of prizes and to have your style profile featured in a future post! (Sooo worth it. We promise!)

Our main mission has been and will remain to bring Denver forward as the fashion capital of the Midwest. In order to accomplish such herculean goals, we need feedback from you guys! What would you like to see in RFLX 5280’s future?  Let us know!


Once Upon a Time...

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