7th Circle Music Collective

If you’ve never heard of 7th Circle Music Collective, open your ears. RFLX 5280 visited the coolest venue in town to capture the elegant grime of grunge chic.

7th Circle Girls

7th Circle Girls2We at RFLX 5280 were very lucky to find this jewel of a location for our grunge-chic fashion photoshoot. Still a baby in the Denver underground music scene, 7th Circle Music Collective is well on its way to becoming a favorite of Mile High music lovers. The concert venue and record store sit quietly behind a Denver Public Schools transportation office, near 7th Avenue and Federal Boulevard, in the building formerly known as “Blast-O-Mat”.

7th Circle Girls4

7th CircleDriving by, you would never guess what kind of awesomeness occurs in the evening.  The driveway is misleading as the entrance of the building resembles an old house with a detached garage–not unlike the many other old houses in the Lincoln Park/Villa Park area.  Inside, graffiti, fan art, and concert flyers plaster the walls with colorful dissonance.

[Click HERE for the 7th Circle Jan-Mar 2013 Event Schedule!]

7th Circle Girls3

Susannah 7th Circle

The stage area, neatly tucked inside the garage gives a whole new meaning to the term “Garage Band”. With years of broken drumsticks stabbed into the ceiling above the stage, it’s obvious that the venue has seen some pretty gnarly shows.  A side door leads you outside to a cemented sort of patio, where concert goers can lounge around the rusty fire pit at the occasional Potluck before the show in a miscellaneous batch of old and broken patio chairs. There’s no booze or bad attitudes allowed in the sacred all-ages space but there’s definitely room for food and local music fan fellowship.

Gypsy 7th Circle

7th Circle

7th Circle

It’s a simple setup but it’s definitely an effectively beautiful location for thrashing. Tickets are $5 but all donations are welcome as a small group of local volunteers donate their time and resources to manage 7th Circle events.

7th Circle Girls Garage

7th Circle Girls5

Visit 7th Circle Music Collective on Facebook here to let them know how you’d like to become a part of the movement!

Models: Gypsy K and Susannah F

2 responses to “7th Circle Music Collective

  1. Thats one cool set of photos you got here of these girls 🙂

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