In the grandest of American tradition, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

We really love and appreciate each one of you!  RFLX 5280 is just a baby in the blogosphere but we’ve received an overwhelming response from our followers over the last 3 months regarding what you like about RFLX 5280 and what you think will make it better.  Thank you so much for helping us in our attempt to bring Denver forward as the fashion capital of the Midwest.  It can only be possible with YOU! Remember: Your style should be an involuntary “RFLX”.  Follow your heart and express it with your style!

Much Love,

Bryanne M & Udeme S

RFLX 5280

 Don’t forget that the Style RFLX Contest ends in 6 days!  Enter here (It’s really easy) to win a FREE subscription to NYLON or DETAILS magazine!  We will announce the winner on New Year’s Day!
And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! ^__^

Once Upon a Time...

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