A post I did earlier this year on The Inspired Life… The message is still true for RFLX 5280. We want you to express yourself with all your heart. Never sacrifice your style. It’s a manifestation of who you are!

The Inspired Life

In high school, there were very few people who understood my style. My conscious effort to distinguish myself from any and every high school style stereotype made me the weirdo.  To become a part of any group, I was expected to choose an affiliated style of dress and stick to it. But I didn’t want to be grouped with anyone. I wanted to be unique. I wanted to be myself.

As a self-proclaimed Arbiter of Taste ( Thanks, Blair), I couldn’t bring myself to blindly follow trends when they, quite frankly, disgusted me. I couldn’t understand why the cheerleaders and Pom squad wore those horrid  sheepskin slipper-clogs with EVERYTHING.  I couldn’t imagine why the emo kids collectively decided that the depressed and unwashed look was the winner. The geeky kids had the we-don’t-come-to-school-for-a-fashion-show look mastered and the athletes bored the hell out of me with the practicality of their sportswear.

I was lost

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  1. Such an important message for young women and older women, alike. I wish I understood this message much earlier in my life.

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