Listen↑:Caramel Carmela – Ominous Walrus

Caramel Carmela — Ominous Walrus

Hardcore/Electronica band, Caramel Carmela breaks out the dance beats on their debut album, Ominous Walrus (released 2009).  Since the release, they’ve performed twice at Warped Tour (2010 and 2012) and  at the legendary Red Rocks amphitheater for Global Dance Festival Denver 2011.  Their latest album, Skinny Jeans, Fat Bass is set for release on November 27, 2012.

Verdict: The synthesizers are heavy and Autotune reigns, but this album is far from pretentious. This is a hardcore band that wants you to dance your face off.

Favorite Songs:  “Dear Em, I.L.Y.” and “The Man Downstairs”

Favorite Line: “Peering in your soul, the illusions spawned, lure countless fools, but your purity remains to be seen…”

Listen Here!!!!!


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