RFLX Reads: The Reader

In Bernhard Schlink‘s national bestseller, The Reader, Michael Berg, a 15-year-old German boy plagued by Hepatitis, meets Hanna Schmitz, a beautiful and mysterious woman in her thirties.  They forge an unlikely friendship which quickly evolves into a passionate affair, being careful to keep their anomalous relationship hidden from the world.  In spite of the passion and growing affections between the lovers, one day, Hanna unexpectedly disappears, leaving Michael with only the wistful memory of their months together.

Years later, as a law student, Michael sees Hanna as she is put on trial for unspeakable crimes.  Emotions rise as Michael is forced to confront his broken heart and the complex truth about Hanna’s shocking secrets.

The Reader, New York Times notable book and now a major motion picture from the Weinstein Company, is a required read in many German high schools as it marvelously examines morally complex philosophies through a steamy and elegant novel.  From the first sentence to the last page, you won’t want to put this one down.


Once Upon a Time...

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