Listen↑: Superdope – I Am Superdope

A. Fox, Big Jeff, and producer, Davey Boy came together this year to release their anticipated,collaborative effort, I Am Super Dope. With thematic lyrics and penetrating beats, I Am Superdope assures fans that no measure of success will undermine the group’s understanding of hardship and hard work.  It’s an infectious dedication to everyone working toward a formidable goal. This is music for moguls-in-the-making.

I Am Superdope

Verdict: Big Jeff’s husky voice, precision, and imagery make him sound like a more articulate Young Jeezy. A. Fox’s wit and melodic punch lines along with Davey Boy’s world-beat influence are the perfect compliment for this fun  and relative album.

Favorite Songs: “Beast Mode”, “Looking For Da Freaks”, and “Falling Interlude”

Favorite Line: “The proof is in the pudding and I’m on my Bill Cosby…”

Listen Here!!


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