Listen↑: My Body Sings Electric – Changing Color

My Body Sings Electric’s first studio album, Changing Color (released April 2011) ,  reminds us all that a positive outlook has major, transforming power in our lives. With serious, Paramore-esque, soul-searching lyrics and anthematic hooks, Changing Color answers the curse of the modern American young adult with a dissection of the snag between the promise of greatness and the seizure of practicality.

Changing ColorVerdict: Brandon Whalen’s vocals remind us of Patrick Stump (with way less ridiculously unnecessary vibrato). Each song adeptly dances on the line between the near contentment of pop and a harder thirst for gratification.Favorite Songs: “Step Into the Light” and “Outside”

Favorite Line: “Without the courage to fail we will never enjoy the progress that we’ve made…”


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