Style RFLX: Matt Pusatory, 25 – Denver

On his style: 

“I think my style probably says that I would really like to dress well, but can’t afford all the nice brand names at this stage in my life.”

“If you look in my closet right now, you’ll mostly find…”:

“Thrift-store blazers, cardigans, and button-up shirts.”

Style Icon:

“Tom Waits. That man is just the definition of cool to me. I also really enjoy Mayer Hawthorne’s mix of classy with little hip-hop touches.”

Least favorite trend:

“I must say non-prescription glasses as an accessory. Like George Costanza says in Seinfeld, ‘As a glasses-wearer I take offense to that. That’s like me getting a wheelchair just to cruise around in.’ ”

[Check out his music blog!]


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